Instrumental sonic explorers Spacenoid return with a brand spanking new single “Vanished” out on Beatabet records. ┬áThe song is a fizzy, percussive explosion of samples, guitars and orchestral flourishes that strides majestically through its densely packed four minutes. ┬áReferencing everything from post-rock luminaries such as Mogwai and Tortoise all the way through to electronic pioneers such as Four Tet and early Caribou, “Vanished” is a sunshine-infused trip through space and sound. The tune is backed up by an intriguing video by acclaimed up-and-coming director Andy Sowerby that follows the escapades of a mysterious man and his marvellous headwear.

“Vanished” is the precursor to a full debut album from Spacenoid that will be out early next year and the band are planning a UK tour in the Autumn.